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Choose from a number of articles on a variety of topics prepared by our Ben Meadows Technical Support staff. You'll find the information you need to help you choose the right gear, check procedures or just for use as a handy reference.

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Environment (Soil)
No. Document Title
298 Introduction to Augers and Samplers pdf format
1155 Hand Penetrometer Guide pdf format
1160 AMS Multi-Stage Core Sampler User's Guide pdf format
1170 Auger Set Component List pdf format
1190 Rhizon Soil Moisture Sampler Guide pdf format

Environment (Water)
No. Document Title
123 Understanding Conductivity pdf format
149 pH: Testing Methods and Probes pdf format
228 Environmental Protection Agency: Environmental Sampling pdf format
299 Environmental Protection Agency Stormwater Program pdf format
1200 CHEMets Water Test Kits: Procedure and Methods pdf format
1220 LaMotte Individual Test Kits: Factors, Methods and Range pdf format
1230 Current Meters: Types, Methods and Counters pdf format
1235 Global Flow Probe User's Guide pdf format
1240 Underground Water Sampling pdf format
1244 DC Purging Pump User's Guide pdf format
1245 Uses for Water Tracing Dye pdf format
1246 Water Quality Meters: Calibration, Storage and Maintenance pdf format
1247 Turbidity pdf format
1248 Measuring Dissolved Oxygen pdf format

No. Document Title
224 Timber Cruising: Forest Sampling and Instruments pdf format
296 Introduction to GPS Units pdf format
300 WAAS and GPS Accuracy pdf format
334 Wildland Firefighting Standard on Personal Protective Equipment pdf format
335 How to Use a Clinometer pdf format
1025 Increment Borer: Selection and Use pdf format
1035 Compass Selection Guide pdf format

No. Document Title
1151 Munsell Notation Color System pdf format

Mapping & Surveying
No. Document Title
244 Two-Way Radios: Range and Battery Life pdf format
1350 Planimeters: Features and Use pdf format
1360 Surveying Equipment Basics pdf format
1372 GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator Guide pdf format
1376 Fisher FX-3 Magnetic Locator Guide pdf format
1378 Fisher TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator Guide pdf format

No. Document Title
111 Chain Saw Safety pdf format
120 Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Station Requirements pdf format
130 Fall Protection Equipment pdf format
135 Portable Fire Extinguishers: Use, Placement, Maintenance and Testing pdf format
150 Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200 pdf format
153 High-Visibility Clothing Standards pdf format
164 Corrosion & Chemical Resistance of Common Materials pdf format
166 Gloves: Chemical Resistance Guide- pdf format only.
170 Pesticides: Related Illnesses and Injury Surveillance pdf format
188 Hand and Power Tool Safety pdf format
190 Selecting Chemical Protective Clothing for Vapor and Splash Protection pdf format
195 Establishing a Respiratory Protection Program pdf format
196 Respirator Cartridge Replacement Schedule pdf format
208 First Aid Regulations, 29 CFR 1910.151 and Kit Standards Z308.1-1998 pdf format
223 Hypothermia: Recognition, Treatment and Prevention pdf format
240 Personal Protective Equipment Standards pdf format
243 PPE for Spill Cleanup pdf format
250 ANSI Standard MSDS Format pdf format
258 West Nile Virus: Facts and Prevention pdf format
306 Proper Glove Sizing  

No. Document Title
117 Hydrometers: Introduction, Function and Use pdf format
118 Introduction to Refractometers pdf format
119 IP Rating
pdf format
121 Balances and Scales pdf format
162 Conversion Tables and Formulas pdf format
172 Laboratory Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1450 pdf format
338 Battery Guide pdf format

No. Document Title
253 Emergency Weather Alert Services pdf format
295 Wind Chill Temperature Measurement
1101 Weather Whys: Tornadoes pdf format
1102 Rain Gauge Placement pdf format
1103 Weather Station Damage pdf format

No.  Document Title
273 Night Vision Products: Terminology and Care pdf format
1260 Binocular Selection Guide pdf format
1300 Portable Power Selection pdf format

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