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Ben Meadows Company Linking Policy

To describe and explain the Ben Meadows Company policy for organizations wishing to link to the Ben Meadows Company Web site, and the policy on linking from the Ben Meadows Company Web site to other sites.

Links to the Ben Meadows Company Web site must be related to the purposes and objectives of Ben Meadows Company to meet customer demand while providing distinguished customer service, and to become the preeminent company in our field. Links related to other relevant technical sites may be established where it is shown to be beneficial to Ben Meadows Company and our customers.

In general, Ben Meadows Company will provide links to the following areas of interest. These may be national or international:

  • Professional Organizations and Agencies
  • Government
  • Commercial Resources
  • News Online
  • MSDS Resources
  • Science-Related Sites
  • Forestry-Related Sites

Links to a commercial organizations may be added to provide customers with:

  • Contact information
  • Product or technical descriptions
  • Information or services useful to Ben Meadows Company customers

Ben Meadows Company does not link to commercial organizations that sell directly to the consumer or that do not use Ben Meadows Company in their distribution chain.

Other than where a specific reference is made to a commercial arrangement between Ben Meadows Company and a commercial organization, Ben Meadows Company is not by virtue of a link endorsing or giving its endorsement to a particular organization, product or service.

Ben Meadows Company makes no guarantees, and offers no warranties or indemnities, for the quality, currency, accuracy or truthfulness of any information and/or services accessed by a link to an external organization.


These include sites:

  • In conflict with, or harmful to, the interests of Ben Meadows Company and its members
  • Which breach others' right to privacy and confidentiality
  • That promote or incite illegal, fraudulent or other unlawful activities
  • Which are slanderous, libelous and/or defamatory
  • Which are offensive, obscene and pornographic
  • Which promote or incite violence, hatred and harassment based on sex, race and disability
  • Which promote or incite breaches of "Netiquette" and are designed to annoy, abuse or torment users of the Internet


To get a link placed on the Ben Meadows Company Web site, please contact the webmaster at In your contact message, please explain how the proposed link related to this policy and ensure that a return contact name and address is included.

If, on the face of it, a proposed link meets the criteria enunciated in this policy it may still be declined at the discretion of Ben Meadows Company. Ben Meadows Company is the final arbitrator of links. If a link is approved, the administrators of the target site will be informed and the link established.

 For more information on linking to Ben Meadows Company, see our Linking Agreement.