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Feb. 13, 2006

In this issue:
Soil Sampling Fittings
Navajo Nations and the Clean Water Act
Stihl Chain Saw Recall

Nothing Says Lovin' Like a Spherical Densiometer

Valentine's Day isn't closely associated with the type of products you find in a Ben Meadow's catalog. Which comes as a surprise to a lot of us on the Ben Meadow's Team. We can't imagine anything more romantic than offering your special someone a heart shaped box with a Spherical Densiometer carefully tucked inside.

Thoughts like this led us to wonder what would be the most romantic way to declare You're my Valentine! to an Outdoor Pro who is the apple of your eye. And while it may be too late this year to wrap up tributes like these, here are some of the ideas we had for Valentine's Day, 2007:

Mechanix Wear® Original Gloves - To protect the hand you want to hold during your next hike through the timber.
STRUCTRON® Round-Point Shovel - To leave no doubt that when you say, "I dig you," you truly mean it.
Weaver® Positioning Saddle - To safely cradle your rugged, snuggle bunny when you cannot.
EXTECH® Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometer - For when you ask, "Is it hot in here, or is it you?" you'll have a definitive answer.
Sight Defense™ BRAVO Polarized Eyewear - So that your sweetheart's gaze will always remain in stereo.
Brunton® Atlas MNS™ GPS - So your loved one will always find his/her way back to you.

A list like this, prepared from our catalog, could go on and on. Which is why we're so confused by Ben's lack of association with Valentine's Day. We're taking this matter very seriously. In fact, don't be surprised if you run into Gary, one of our Product Managers, dressed in a diaper holding Cupid's bow at one of our next trade show events.

After all, he runs around the office like that on Fridays anyway.

Gear Up for Spring!

Comparing Soil Sampler Fittings

There are four basic fittings used by soil auger manufacturers: threaded, bayonet, quick-connect and pin lock. Each design presents features and advantages that may be helpful for your particular soil sampling application. Knowing what’s available is the first step toward choosing the right tool.

THREADED: This type of connection is sometimes referred to as a conical screw connection. When using extension rods the threaded connection will give a firmer, more stable connection. This fitting is better in hard soils or when hampering or jarring is required. Clockwise rotation when both augering and removing the auger from the hole is always used to prevent the unscrewing of components. This type of fitting has the largest amount of design differences throughout the industry. Recently, new innovations have made assembling threaded fittings much easier. For example, the Signature Series, manufactured by AMS, significantly reduces field time spent connecting and disconnecting components.

BAYONET: With a bayonet connection each of the sampler components to be joined are clamped into each other. A coupling sleeve is slid across the connection point and rotated until it locks in place. Bayonet style augers provide easy connection and disconnection without the use of tools.

QUICK CONNECT: Similar to the bayonet fitting, quick connect augers allow for both right- and left-handed (clockwise and counter clockwise) rotation without the possibility of disconnecting. The positive locking spring-loaded pin simply snaps the auger into place. Quick connect fittings allow easy connecting without the need for tools.

PIN LOCK: Pin lock fittings use a separate cross pin which can be totally removed from the auger components. This fitting can be rotated both right- and left-handed with little possibility of separation. Pin lock augers make it easy to quickly change the auger head or add extensions. Some brands, like the Gopher auger system, utilize a SquareLink shaft which reduces stress on the fitting.

For more information on augers, check out our TechInfo document online at:

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Navajo Nations to Administer Clean Water Act Programs

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the Navajo Nations application to administer federal Clean Water Act programs. This means Navajo Nations can now administer water quality standards and a certification program. The tribe is also authorized to grant or deny certification for federally permitted or licensed activities that may affect waters that lie within the exterior borders of the Navajo Nation.

In order to receive the EPA's approval, the tribe must be federally recognized, have a governing body and powers, have jurisdiction to administer the programs and be reasonably capable of administering the program

The tribe will work with the EPA to adopt water quality standards which should form the basis for water quality effluent limits and other discharge requirements.

The Clean Water Act enforcement programs now under The Navajo Nation's jurisdiction include:

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program
Wet Weather Enforcement Programs
Storm Water Program
Sanitary Sewer Overflow Program
Combined Sewer Overflow Program
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Program
Pretreatment Program
Biosolid/Sludge Program
Wetlands Dredged and Fill Material Program
Oil and Hazardous Substances Spills Program

The Navajo Nation is the largest Indian reservation in the US covering 27,000 square miles and shares its borders with Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

For more information on the Navajo Nation visit:

For more information on the EPA’s Clean Water Act visit:

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Stihl Inc. Announces Recall of Chain Saw

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Stihl Inc.
announced a voluntary recall of the Stihl-brand MS 192 T Chain Saws. Consumers should stop using said recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. The recall affects roughly 23,500 units.

There are two hazards that have triggered the recall. The first is the possibility of a fuel leak, which poses a fire hazard. A connection in the ignition grounding system could loosen and create a spark, posing a fire hazard. The second hazard involves the springs in the clutch assembly. These springs could come out of position allowing them to be projected from the saw housing resulting in an injury to the user.

The recall includes Stihl chain saws that have the model number MS 192 T, located on the side of the chain saw’s starter housing. They include serial numbers 264371702 through 266087005, which is located on the top/front of the chain saw’s housing. The model has been for sale at authorized Stihl dealers nationwide from January, 2005 through July, 2005 for about $280.00

The remedy consists of consumers to stop using the chain saws immediately and return them to an authorized Stihl dealer for a free repair. To locate an authorized Stihl dealer contact Stihl Inc. at (800) 610-6677 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit Stihl’s Web site at:

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